MK Events provides high quality, unique floral designs for weddings, special events and life’s occasions.

In today’s floral market you have a choice between a floral shop that plays the “artistic genius” angle with boutique prices and attitude or you can go to grocery store florist with cheap last-a-day blooms wrapped in cellophane.

Our goal is to break the mold by providing value and great customer service while also giving you high-style, unique arrangements without the snobby attitude.

MK Events specializes in making life events even more memorable. Weddings, baby showers, galas and special occasions are favorites of MK Events. We know it takes a great deal of planning for you special day. You need a florist you can trust so that you can enjoy the event. MK Events is here to meet your needs!


After graduating from the University of Texas in Austin, I married and moved to Houston starting my career in insurance sales. I then moved to banking before deciding I needed an outlet for my creativity. I discovered my true passion: making creative floral designs for people who truly appreciate them. I decided that if I apply by business acumen to the floral industry I could meld the best parts of myself. After training for a year in a top floral shop in Dallas and then a year at a local florist in Houston, I took the leap to open my own business, MK Events.

A long career in sales taught me that if you want to be successful you have to be passionate about your product. Although I believed in the companies I once represented, I longed to sell something that I was truly invigorated by. There is a feeling of love and respect conveyed when flowers are given. I’ve always enjoyed that feeling. I wanted to build a company that would use that same love and respect as its foundational core. In all that we do, MK Events strives to give our customers a product of the highest beauty, best quality and value.